Date and the next day, no texting? Like me or not?

A guy who use to g to hs with me 3 years ago hit me up on Facebook. I dated one of his friends. Not best friends they use to hang time to time but not alot. So he hmu and we started talking, about Day 3 he told me he had a crush on me. So we planned to.go chill someday in the coming wk. We planned, for Thursday and had a whole day planned. Breakfast at his place. So he picked me up did as.planned. went to his house and watched a movie in his living room. Sat on the couch, he put his arm around me and he laid his head on my lap while I played with his hair. that's it. No holding hands, no kissing. I also paid for my breakfast if that means anything. So we talked that day after thw day and the next day. He doesn't hit me up. I hit him up first. But he doesn't really continue or pick it back up. Then again he was working. But after work he planned to gonto a college partty with his friend. And he hasn't hit me up since. I don't know if he lost interest for something. I can say the date was kinda boring and awkward. But that's Because we haven't seen each other in 3 yrs. And we never even really chilled back in hs. So what do you think this mean? ( he told me he had a crush, I didn't say I did or didn't. I said he's cute that's all. )


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  • If you are have graduated high school, you need to break your habit of g to hs, hum (in face, refrain from saying hit me up altogether, and never use chill as a verb. Yes, I know what all of it meant, and it's fine if you're sending a long text and need to abbreviate; but, other than that, you come across as immature and uneducated. It's a huge turn off.

    I'm not going to spend much time on this; I assume that you're just going to get upset and dismiss my advise, which is fine because you have to deal with your failure, not I. If you like this guy, then you've put yourself on dangerous ground. Although I'll give you credit for complimenting his looks (since most women have a hard time doing that in the beginning), you've placed yourself on dangerous grounds. You've confused him and probably made him believe that you're playing games and wanting him to chase you. Thus, he might believe you've got little to no interest in him. If he's a bright guy (and considering the way by which you expressed yourself, I'm assuming he's not) or an experienced dater (if he seems to understand women), then you might hear from him. If none of the prior is true, then he's gone.

    • I meant, "if you've graduated high school, you need to break your habit of g to hs, hmu (my Mac kept changing it; that's how bad that expression is)(in face, refrain from saying hit me up altogether, and never use chill as a verb.

    • Wait what? We've talked more but I'm not gonna just jump into it after 3 days. We onky talked for 4 days and on the 3rd day he said he had a crush. I don't know the guy he is now. So I just sand and I think he's really charming. ( he was one of those guys every girl wanted in hs) and I do like a friend but he's moving its gonna be harf and we said we'll start as friends and work our way since we never really chilled or talked back in hs till now

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