Is it a date? I really want this to go well, help?

There's a girl I like, we're both in high school. This school year we've become pretty good friends again...I asked her out last year, "sorry I can't go maybe another time but hey I'll see you tomorrow". Lately this school year it seems like we've become either really good friends or there's more than that going on. We've done a few school related things together. We walk with each other almost everyday, play/flirt too. I've never really been sure if she likes me, we don't text, and if we do it's never by her first.

Thursday was "the sign" that she may like me. She texted me "hey sorry I didn't walk with you at all today" it was so unusual that she texted that. We talked a little, she had short messages until I sent a ":)" and she didn't reply.

The next morning I saw her, we were in a classroom and I was talking about the new hunger games movie. I then had the courage to ask "you want to go and see it with me?" She said "sure" I looked at the times and I picked a time, and she said "okay well text me tomorrow to remind me". We talked a little more and said she would have to "ask" her parents. I questioned it and she basically said she just needed to let them know. As we left that classroom she played around with me. Walked with her and I reminded her the time of the showing a hundred times. she told me how she had to do something earlier tomorrow but it shouldn't get in the way. I texted her after her basketball game, and we talked a little, it was really late. Could she like me? What does she expect of this night with me? We didn't discuss going separately or together (what should I say?) I know I should pay, and how should I end the night? Hold her hand during the movie?


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  • I still think she's just wanting to be friends at this point. Take things lightly; if you make a big production out of silly movie, you may be putting too much pressure on her, and she'll think you're too aggressive, or evfen creepy.

    Treat her as just a classmate for now, until you get to know her a little better. It's always better to err on the side of caution, that's my advice.

    • She texted me "sorry I don't think I can maybe another time sorry" how should I respond?

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    • Even though she basically had this same response last time?

    • That's what makes me think she only considers this a 'friend' thing..

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