Guys and woman out there! I need some advice!

For the menn out there: Have you ever dated a younger woman ? I'm talking about 20-21-22 and you being around 26-27-28

i recently dated one and things were going great and he suddently pulled away from me , giving me a excuse that age was the problem , and he didn't have a problem with me and thought I was great but he had to be realistic and think about the future, and than he again said that he has a lot of stress in his life and chaos with work and finding a new home, he absolutley wants to see how this goes and he think I great.

Is he leading me on ?

And how can I as a young woman give this man his space and let him think without coming off as annoying and as a young immature woman ?

I havnt contacted him since he told me this.. I just said okay think about it cause I enjoyed spending time with you etc.

And I'm planning to stay away, and disappear basically, no fcb message and no snapchatting him or trying to do things that will make him see what I am up to, and just focus on my exams and hope that he will talk to me..

is this a good way ?

he thinks I'm great*

i think maybe things went to fast for us, cause we were talking so much and getting so excited and all of the suddent he backed out..
I basically said, if you absolutley don't feel anything than I will respect it and leave you alone and he was like don't say that ofcourse I feel something, and he wanted to stay in touch with me and was like I'm not going to say bye , if you don't want to have contact than you have to say bye


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  • I dated a girl whom was 20 and then turned 21 and I'm 25 so making excuses over age when you're not that far apart is idiotic. And then to bring up all that other stuff just sounds like he's not into you anymore and doesn't want to be in a relationship with you. But might just like sleeping with you. Because I know this girl I was dating got extremely clingy and jealous when we started dating and that's what turned me off and was annoying.

    So he probably seen something or you did something that he doesn't like and is trying to let you off easy without hurting you by making up excuses. Because I know even if I was stressed out or whatever it be the case, my girl is considered family and she's top priority to me. And if you aren't a priority... you're nothing. But that's my opinion. He may just not know how to handle all the things happening in life right now and is trying to deal with it on his own. But I'm sure it's the first ting I mentioned.

    • we didn't have sex..

    • I havnt done anything crazy and all... so I'm pretty sure the age is the problem here, cause why would he tell me I'm great etc if he didn't want to lead me on..

    • He told you you're great because he doesn't want to make you feel like shit and just cut you loose the hard way.

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  • I don't think he's playing games with you. I think the age difference really is making him feel uncomfortable. There are a lot of possible reasons why. One is the feeling that it's not fair to you and he would be selfish to take advantage of you like that. Have you told him that you don't see any problem with it from your end?

  • Age doesn't really seems like problematic here. 5 years are okay I guess.

  • nope haven't been in a relationship yet sadly


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