Would you date or marry someone who owned a stripclub?

Your dream guy/girl makes $85,000 a year from managing a strip club full of Kim Kardashians (if your spouse is a man) link or Nellys (if your spouse is a women) link

Would this end or prevent you from having a relationship with your lover? Why or why not?

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That other link with Nelly's pic is not working so here's a new one

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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, because I understand how stressed you have to be to consider doing anything in the sex industry. If there wasn't work available, then girls wouldn't have sacrifice their dignity to pay city rent.

    I'd have no respect for him since he's enabling and exploiting girls. He makes 85,000 k a year but how much do each of his girls make and they are doing the dirty work? :/

    Plus, on a less serious note, I'd think he has bad taste with Kim K girls, and I'd like to be into the same type as him as a bisexual female. hahah

    • Hmm I understand where you're coming from. lol I chose Kim K because to me she's the sexiest women in the world...or at least in Hollywood.

Most Helpful Guy

  • As long as she was faithful I wouldn't give a shit. But I have never dated a 10 that wasn't a crazy witch.


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What Girls Said 5

  • No, if it came to such extremes I'd rather have my dignity intact and be poor than live with a man that exploits girls. I don't even like those types of men.

  • i doubt a guy who owned a stripclub would be husband material. most men that I've met who frequent stripclubs tend to be sleazy disrespectful assholes, so if he owns one i can't imagine him being any better. im not morally opposed to stripclubs, i will go occassionally but the guys who are regulars tend to be not about shit and morally bankrupt

  • I'd be okay with it I guess

  • My goal is to own or be a partner in owning a strip club in the future so I hope it's not an issue lol

    • Well according to the poll you'd have a better chance of finding a guy who won't trip about it than guys do of finding a women who'd be cool with it.

    • Ahh fair enough, to be honest I wouldn't care if a guy owned a strip club, because if a guys gunna cheat he will find a how from somewhere just owning a strip club is more temptation I guess lol

  • Sure. I'm cool with it.


What Guys Said 2

  • I'd be pretty excited about the whole thing actually. I don't see a strip club as anything immoral or taboo. She's a business owner. I might even consider joining her in the business if she was that successful and needed to expand.

    • I'm with you on this lol I think most of your downvotes will come from women

  • Of course.

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