Give me a sign as to when is the right time?

Hey ladies who online date. When should a guy(via an online dating site) ask a woman if she would like to meet? Given that: if he asks too soon she will automatically assume a number of bad things like he's only interested in a one night stand, that he's desperate, or that he's a creep (and the list goes on) (not taking any time whatsoever to stop and think that maybe a date at a public place like a mall just means that he only wants to meet me and talk) and if he waits to long that he's not interested or the connection goes stale, or she finds someone else.


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  • Maybe two weeks, if I had to guess. I think it depends more on your level of communication more than anything. If day one you said "hi" and day two was "what do you do for a living?" Then I consider that (well creepy, In general) but a slow pace. If you exchanged essay papers back and fourth five times that day, that's a fast pace, and sooner is possible. If you exchanged numbers and went ftom PM's to text, that's also a little fast. The more info you exchange the quicker you can meet. If it falls somewhere in between I'd probably stick to two weeks and a couple days of "absence."


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