I said no doing it and now he doesn't like me?

I was dating a Persian guy we had five dates so far. We had s exs on the third one. Thing is I only had it with one guy before and lost my vcard at 24. We didn't do it except that once, and kept dating. I thought he liked me but on our last date I mentioned how I wanted to.cook for him and he seemed weirded out then at.the end I texted him that I couldn't wait to see him again. This whole time I have let him chase and wasn't over eager, but prob over did it because he didn't talk.to me for a week. I figured he was done and texted him how guitly I felt about giving it to him so early (bc I did, now I feel used) and told him how he was my second, etc and I won't do it until I'm exclusive with someone NOT neccesarily him. He responded it was OK he didn't need it. Then two min later he said he thinks we shld be friends! Wtf is that? It took 5 dates to figure that out or he used me? Honestly I'm fine with it, I've dated better, but rejection hurts. I asked for his Facebook, but he didn't respond.


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  • Truth be told most guys aren't gonna wait around for you, like it seems you want them to. The age group you in those guys just wanna fuk. I wouldn't tell the next how many you had sex with unless he ask. Don't hold it over his head. Don't text so much, just sounds like you may be crowding this guy, of course idk. His not interested from what it sounds like, yes he used you.

    • I said no sex until exclusivity, I didn't say ever and I was OK with oral. He bailed so thers my answer

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  • He used you maybe he didn't like the sex either...unfortunately there are too many guys like him out there get to know a guy first before you give it up and keep away from the persians they are hot and charming and dangerously persusive

  • He used you... he doesn't want to be friends, he wants to keep you around in case he wants to use you again. Forget this guy, he's a real jerk.