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Hi everyone, I'm 19 and I've a date today with a 22 year old. I just met her 2 days ago. And she agreed on going to the movies with me. I know that's a very bad place for first dates but I just don't know how it came out of my mouth...So we'd be watching "The Delivery Man" it's a comedy. And after the movie I've decided to open up to her and tell her how I feel "Janet, I was a bit nervous before coming here today as my last relationship didn't go well and I always think it was my fault. So I'm going to take a big risk now and open up to you, I really like you, your great sense of style and you're also beautiful. I made a mistake by choosing movies as a first date cos we didn't get to talk much but there will be no mistakes when I have you". That's all I don't want to come off as being creepy or anything as I just met her but that's just how I feel I can make it a great first date.

Thanks everyone.


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  • at least she will know where you stand, I think you should have left that till the second or third date in case she gets a bit freaked.

    some girls love this though, so it really depends on her unfortunately, I presume by now after writing this question you would have your answer? I hope it went well.

    i wish more guys were like you, I'm having trouble atm with mine maybe you could help this is my qeustion link


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  • Why not go to dinner afterwards? Then you can talk and stuff. Because being in the movies you're not able to talk which makes it a very bad first date idea.

    • Sunday night...don't think anywhere will still be open...that's not a right thing to say right?

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    • I'll agree with alchemy12 depends on how you say it. Your tone is a big one here just be sincere.

  • Hmm, it would be depend on the delivery here. If you said it in a matter-of-fact way I would just think "OK, whatever" but if you said it in a confident, flirty way it would be okay. Just my two cents.

    I like Emy's suggestion. If not dinner because you feel that would be too long or something, what about taking her for an ice cream and sitting in the parlor so you can talk for a bit?


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