How to face him next week?

Me and this guy know each other for about two years. Over the time we had some dates. I once told him I liked him and he told me the same but nothing happened. Then we stopped going out. A week ago I saw him again and we decided to go for a coffee. He got sick but asked to reschedule, which we did. The both of us had fun. I recognized he was nervous and so was I. He even payed and drove me home. I didn't try anything and he didn't try anything. Although I wish I had. Well, later that evening I just wanted to express that I enjoyed the coffee with him and texted him that I enjoyed it and if we both had time we could do that again. He never texted back ( it's nearly a week now). Now I think that is pretty rude and I don't understand why he didn't react, giving the circumstance that we are going to see each other during this week. This is going to be so awkward. Should I avoid him, act as if him being rude doesn't effect me at all? I kind of feel pretty dumb for trying to be nice and then being pushed into this messy situation. Help!


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  • If I were in that situation, I'd pretend nothing happened, not the "ignoring the text", not the "having coffee", nothing. I'd just be nice and friendly, as usual, but not flirty. If he flirts, I'd ignore it. He had his chance. Though, by not replying to one's just a message. Maybe he didn't receive it? But either way, I'd just pretend nothing happened and I'd be friendly and show him it doesn't bother me at all.

    I'm not saying this is a good thing, I'm just saying what I would do.