Should I ask him if he wants to see a movie with me tomorrow?

So I was texting this guy nonstop for like a week and he would hint to us hanging out & stuff... My friend got him to come to my surprise party & we didn't talk much ... He did put his arm around me through 2 movies though... After that he wasn't txting me much & he wouldn't really reply and I had no idea why... I texted him "hey(:" a few days later and he replied & we texted for a little while then he stopped replying... He texted me "whats up(:" tho tht night but didn't reply after I said I was going to bed soon (I think he fell asleep) I texted him the next day if he saw catching fire (he said he wanted to see it before) and he said no he didn't know when I said I heard it was hella good and he didn't reply... Then he texted me hey the next day and I said hey(: too and he didn't reply... Should I text him today saying "wanna see catching fire tomorrow?" HELP


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  • Sounds like you should try to have more to talk about with him. Try to build the communication before seeing a movie together.