Is he interested or not?

So I've been on 2 nondates and 2 real dates with this shy guy. Our dates are awesome: we laugh, he compliments me, he pays, he definitely likes me, I get a text from him at the end of them saying he had a great time with a winky face. We have only hugged so far (no kiss). I asked him out on a third date, but he told me he couldn't go because he had back to back tickets to some sporting event. He didn't offer any alternate plan. I was bummed out, but the next day he greeted me with hello beautiful. The thing is we work together, and it's rare for us to bump into each other. In between dates, we virtually have no communication. He sucks at texting. So in the end I have great dates with no communication in between and no real idea of what's going on. We have been going out like once a wk. I'm worried that with Thanksgiving next day (and he's leaving) I'm just not gonna hear from him in 2 wks straight, which leaves me wondering if he's interested at all. I know he is busy, but at least a text saying high and saying how he wishes we could go out would help.


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  • Sounds like he is but maybe he's being cautious since you work together. Try making the move.


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