Meeting a guy for the first time in a new city.

Briefly met a guy at a bar last time I was in Arizona. We talked a bit the day after via Facebook, but I stopped responding because I was currently seeing someone(he didn't know that part).

After about 2 months, he randomly started texting me and we hit it off! We moved quickly through texting to talking on the phone (he called me first), to snapchat, to facetime.

About 3 weeks into talking I decided I would fly down to Arizona again , from Oregon, to meet with him. As he kept saying he was busy with work and it would be hard for him to take the time off to visit me, though he wanted to.

Ever since I bought my plane ticket communication has decreased tremendously. Though he still stays in touch on a daily basis. Communication ranges from multiple phone calls a day to just a few texts to check in and say "hello" and "cant wait to see you".

At the beginning, he kept going on and on about how I was the best girl he has met, and how we were going to get married someday..blah blah.

All I want to know is.. Is this going to be a one-time fling? or is he serious about me?


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  • You won't know until you try.