How do I make him come after me?

I'm 16 and he is a senior.

We have been texting since September and at first he was very into texting me but now he isn't and h is very short.

We hung out the other night and he acted completely different in person but when I texted him after I dropped him off; he was back to his normal self.

There has been a lot of drama with other girls.

I feel if I quit texting him; he won't text me back.

So many girls want him.. Even one with the same name as me.. Ikr?

PLEASE HELP. I really like this guy.

WE ARENT DATING; but we have hung out about 4 times and talk at school.

We hug and hold hands a lot (ONLY HOLD HANDS OUT OF SCHOOL )but only have kissed 2 times.


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  • Never make someone a priority who considers you an option.

    • But how would I make him make me his priority?

      Everyone says play hard to get and walk past him, but I can't really do that right now because I have his class ring.. I'd have to end up talking to him sooner or later.

    • Are you two dating? Have you ever been on a date with him? If someone would "stop textng you" if you stopped, he's just not that into you.

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