A Guy told me that he isn't ready for a relationship, yet keeps his profile open

I dated this guy for a month and a half. We had great chemistry together, hung with each others' friends and texted everyday. Yet, he told me last weekend that he can't have a relationship right now because he is in a bad place right now. An emotional unavailable man, I get it.

However, I found him still keeps his online profiles opened (we met online) when he said the he is going to shut it down by last weekend.

I'm just very confused by this situation here. He told me that he likes me, had a great time with me, enjoyed my laugh and joke and all, but told me that he can't date anyone right now because he is not in a good place, which I get. Why don't you shut your online profile down then? Does it mean that he lied to me the whole time about being emotionally unavailable and all?

I was online on his profile for the last couple of days, too.

I'm very confused by his action. Can a guy explain why?

His ex of 8 years broke up with him about a year ago, and after a month of breaking up, she started dating a guy, which late became girlfriend and boyfriend. He was heartbroken because he was supporting her for 8 years because she didn't have a job. After the break up, he started to get anxiety attaches.
Also, he told me that his job became very stressful, and his grandma who recently diagnosed with cancer, which add extra stress on top of his shoulders.


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  • i don't think he is pulling anything deceitful. he isn't looking for other options. he just left his profiles up. I'm inactive most of the time on those sites, and I don't shut it down really.

    • But his status shows he's constantly online. :/

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    • even if you are not in a relationship with him currently you can still be there for him. try and build him up/comfort him. men don't show their emotions the same way women do. when I am upset I isolate myself from everybody too. show him that you are the kind of girl he should be with.

    • I will try, but who knows if he wants to talk to me again. Thank you for your input though!

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  • Men are very rarely emotionally unavailable. What happened the last time that you two went out?

    • The last time what we hung out, everything was fine. Nothing was different. He started acting weird last week. He stopped texting me to say hi, but when I text him he'd always answer right away. We'd chat until we both goes to sleep which we did before. I just don't understand if you don't like me, then why you act you like me a lot. And, if you did, why did you tell me that you can't be with me. If you say you are in a bad place right now, why do you still have your profile open and online?

  • Shit he's finally free! He wants to play now

  • He is a player in some form. Multiple women helps to cope with his issues.

    • I find it hard to believe that he is a player. If you met him, you'd know.

    • If you know him and we do not, why are you asking the question for us to answer?

  • could you describe his personality?

    • He is very quiet and shy with lower self esteem. When we were dating, he seems very honest and open about what his last relationship, work, and family life. I didn't feel in a slightest that he'd lying. When we were hanging out with each others' friends, he was very quiet the whole time as well, said a few words and laughed at the jokes, but that's all. That's why I'm very confused why he didn't take his profile(S) down when he told me that he'd. He is constantly online.

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