What are some reasons you may lose interest?

What are some reasons you may lose interest in the person you are dating?

My reasons:

-They got too clingy way too fast

-They said something that just immediately turned me off (like a major dealbreaker)

-They never showed enough interest in me so I just got frustrated and moved on

-We never change anything up/always do the same thing so I got bored (i.e. one guy I dated every time we would go to the same restaurant for dinner, talk about the same stuff, and sometimes watch a movie. We never did anything fun, even when I suggested it to him, so I just got bored)

Mainly the first one though for me haha.

What are your reasons? (:


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  • okay I'll try to cover most reasons what makes a guy to lose his interest in a girl -

    - He feels suffocated and trapped

    If you have been the type of girlfriend that has been too demanding, nagging, possessive and jealous who has not let him out of your sight, it is no surprise that he is feeling suffocated and trapped in a relationship he does not want anymore. No wonder he has lost interest in you.

    - His feelings were shallow in the first place

    If he has been dating you as a mere "fling" or just to pass the time, then his feelings were not strong enough to survive for more than a few weeks. He is bound to lose interest in you after a while and will prove his insincerity by being bored and disinterested around you. You would do well to forget him.

    - He is on the look out for something better

    If your guy is the cheating type and is just playing the field, then you have no hope of latching on to him. He is probably already on the lookout for someone more exciting and "better" than you. He will leave you when he does find someone else.

    - He finds you too intense

    Some times a man will get into a relationship without realizing that his partner may want something more serious and intense. If you have been the serious one in the relationship, he is bound to feel that you are not compatible, especially if he is fickle, less serious and reluctant to take on responsibilities of any kind.

    - He senses you want to get seriously hitched

    Even though he really liked you and is still very attracted to you, it could be that he is not ready for any kind of commitment. If you have been showing him that you are waiting for him to propose to you or make a commitment to you, it will frighten him off and he will lose interest in you.

    - You have too much emotional baggage

    Have you got into the relationship with a lot of past baggage - emotional and otherwise? If you have, you should ask

    In my own opinion in many cases girls blame them self but there is nothing to do with them. Some guys follow that pattern with every girl.


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  • So basically you reject all guys that date you? If he's interest he's clingy, if he's not clingy he's frustrating. lol *smh*

    A few that come to mind are:

    1) Too dumb/not interesting. If there's no intelectual stimulation going on, then I don't see any reason to spend more then a night with her.

    2) Not honest. If she's fake as a person or too gaurded it's a major problem. When I probe for reasonable information if she's evasive it's basically game over. I won't deal with superficial people, users, etc.

    3) Not warm. If she has a cold personality, is mean to people around her, seems disconectedm, fridgid, and is not giving me emotional responses, etc. then she's probably not someone I can keep in my life.

    4) She doesn't take me seriously. If she's playing games, not showing enough interest, not showing me proper respect, etc. then I don't have time for her.

    I think those 4 pretty much weed out the feminisit, gold digger, flake, bitch, trader, tease, miss bossy, princess, and most of the other throw aways... If she's a complete whore I suppose she might come off as too desperate so that would probably sink her as well.

    • Lol you're saying there isn't a happy medium between the two?(:

      A guy can be interested without being clingy. Most guys actually fit within the medium, being too clingy and non-existent are two very big extremes.

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    • I disagree, maybe I worded it badly but it's usually not an issue I deal with at all (especially with guys being non-responsive. Very rarely are guys like that after you've dated for a while). To be honest, as long as the guy isn't clingy to the point where he wants to spend every moment with me, and he isn't distant to wear he won't respond to me, I'm pretty content with it.

    • Well I suppose that's an acceptable stance. =)

  • They never showed enough interested and I got frustrated and moved on

  • Her Interest level doesn't seem to be rising.

    She refuses a kiss on the 2nd date

    She gives red flags

    She shows no sense of humor

    Compatibility is low.


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  • I agree with all of yours (especially the first).


    -don't feel a connection (no chemistry, or limited chemistry).

    -he doesn't have his own social life (doing stuff apart with our own friends is important).

  • 1) Gets too clingy and calls me many times

    2) We are complete opposites

    3) Mentions about religion too many times

    4) Only talks about clubs, his exes and sex

  • 1. if the guy gets too clingy, which just seems to be my luck all the time

    2. if I was dating him just for the sake of dating and I meet someone I'm more into

    3. if he's dumb or we absolutely no common interests

    4. I love banter, so if the guy treats me like a delicate flower all the time I get annoyed

    • I definitely agree with the last one! I hate it when I can't be sarcastic and joke around with a guy haha.

  • The guy isn't fun

  • if they don't reciprocate

  • Love is not reciprocated back

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