Guys: What would be your reasoning as to why you would refuse to tell your last name or DOB?

For example there was this one guy that I had me off of a dating site and he refused to tell me his birthday or his last name or address, meanwhile he wanted to know mine...

why would he refuse to tell me something as simple as his DOB? or his surname?

for 5 whole months we knew each other and he never said...


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  • I feel like I came across this question a few days ago. Maybe it is common problem I don't know?

    But what I do believe is this guy likely has another girl he is already seeing. Without giving you personal information like a last name it makes it almost impossible to find him somewhere like Facebook unless you are friends with his friends on there. What he is doing is preventing you from gaining knowledge about himself that you could possible trace and find something out about him.

    • now lets say worst case he had gotten me pregnant, how would I find him? police?

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    • Now just in case he did get me pregnant, what do I do? how do I trace him? (all I have is his cell numbe and e-mail)

    • That could be enough, if you did call the police I am sure there is a way they could find out the name of the person the cell phone number is registered to.

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  • If he's refusing to give his but asking for yours, I'd run for the hills. That sounds creepy as f@#$. He most likely wants to Facebook you, etc. while remaining somewhat anonymous. No one would blame you for assuming he's hiding something.

    • what could he be hiding? he said he likes me and wanted a gf...

    • It could be anything.

  • He has other women. Trust me.

  • Ask him when you get to meet his wife and kids that he's hiding.

    • hes 27 years old

    • Just enough time for him to have a family and get tired of them, or want another one. He's hiding stuff, that's sketchy. Stranger danger.

  • Last names probably bundy

    • lol what do you mean "bundy"? never heard that term b4...

    • Ted bundy the famous serial killer

    • lol

  • Because he's hiding his other relationship.


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  • If they can't be honest with you then that is a big red flag.

  • That is creepy