Lots of texting = what?

I know everyones view on LDR so that is not my question...if someone far away has been texting you all the time for 8 years, what would you think. I thought it was him being bored but when we reconnected he tried something and it was very sweet. I was happie.

There is a possibility of being in the same place later next year (not sure) but until then, why does he continue this habit. It is confusing and very hard to move on. I always try for awhile but end up where I started. We do not talk emotions (I don't really want to) so I haven't told him how strongly I feel, we haven't spoken about it since it happened altho things got even better after it. He has not told me how he really feels altho maybe the action was supposed to say it. Thoughts? Whatt is this about?

Either he really likes and respects me, or he wants to have a piece of A waiting for him in another state. It could go eiteher way. We have known each other a long time and were friends 1st so that is the part that confuses me and hopes it's not the "have a girl on the backburner" thing. What do you think and what would you do?


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  • and what about you ? what have you been doing for athe 8 years ? haven't been in any relationship ? I suggest that if you have strong feelings for him , and you have waited all that time long , why don't you tell him and see what happens , you have nothing to lose

    • I've dated but no relationships, I compare everyone to him and even tend to talk to him when I'm on dates. You're right, there really is nothing to lose.

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    • I haven't yet :(

    • no no be brave , go for it , there is nothing you can lose , maybe it will end in a good way and you will be missed so time being scared <3

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