It's been 4 months after the breakup. Why can't I get over this guy?

Casual dater, bad reputation as a player

Told me from the start he wasn't ready to be committed

Disappeared on dates, acted hot and cold

Tried to hide our relationship in the public

Never held hands or showed any affection

Barely called, usually only texted

Only wanted to hook up

Irresponsible, unreliable, rude, inconsiderate, selfish

Liar, narcissist, likes to be surrounded by girls

Thinks that his exes are still all over him

Totally not romantic, broken promises

Calls his own father worthless, calls his own mom no-style

Childish, uncaring, self-centered

Contradicting himself all the time, big ego

Treated me badly, never took me on real dates

Asked me if I was educated in high school about morning after pill

Despite all the above characteristics, he is quite a sweet, playful and good-looking guy. That's probably the only positive thing about him.

Before we were broken up he started calling us a couple but still didn't want to commit. At first he told me that he wasn't ready to be committed because we both still had to travel, move, etc. But at the end he said he was ready but didn't want to have one because it's complicated. To me, it sounded like he was screaming in my face "I just don't want to be with you". I asked him what our status was and he said "just two people seeing each other". So it really didn't mean anything to him? That is so heartless.

He recently got back in touch again and then disappears for a week or longer. I'm not sure what he thinks right now but know that he's just bad news. Still, I can't forget about him. He is actually the worst guy I've ever dated and the one I really fall for.

There are other guys who want to date me, but I still keep thinking about him. It was much easier for me to get over my ex of four years. Any advice on what I am supposed to do to get over him? I was trying to cut all the contacts but I was too weak. We were friends before so I want to keep the friendship while also deeply hoping that he will want to come back.


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  • You have to get out and date other guys.


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  • you describe his only nice qualities as you would have w puppy ,block him and get a pet. .he will only keep hurting u.