Should I go to the show?

So. A guy I work with and I have been extremely flirty lately. He is Always coming by my desk for random things. Joking around with me... We work in the music business and have different shows going on all the time. I work directly with the shows and he is usually just in the office. He was teasing me yesterday that he never gets invited to the cool shows we have going on. So today, I found I had extra tickets to a show that he really wanted to see. So I texted and asked if he wanted the tickets.. He said yes and thanked me and was telling me how sweet I am for getting him the tickets. Then he added, "I'll see you there." I wasn't planning on going to the show... I was just being nice and knew he really wanted to go. So I am wondering if this is his way of seeing me out of the office and he ally wants to see me there? Or if he was just being friendly and assumed I am going? Because no where in my message did we talk about me going and the day before we had talked about me knowing nothing about this band. I am just so confused at what I should do! Any help would be appreciated


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  • You shouold go! it could be fun!

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