Weird relationship/fwb/idk what should I be doing?

i'm not in a relationship but me and my guy friend are in a weird place. we'll meet up and make out (sometimes other sexual things) and oddly enough act really romantic (caressing, tight long embraces, resting foreheads on each other, locking fingers) but we're not dating. his words "i can't tell you because I don't really know what we are".

anyways, I kinda feel guilty because idek if I like him, and although I'm attracted to him I'd prefer to date someone more attractive (if I were to date at all). so since we're not dating, but we are interested in each other/"involved" is it fine that I'm kinda using him, I mean he's pretty much using me too.

should I just stop over thinking and let things happen? should I let him know that I probably don't ever plan to date him?

also is it bad that I want to be with someone more attractive? like I said I do find him attractive and I really like cuddling/fooling around with him, but I don't get that "feeling" that this is who I wanna be with.

i just need some good solid genuine advice please, I'm over thinking


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  • I think you nailed it on the head. You two are extremely affectionate people. You are floating in the neverland of pre-relationshipness. You guys are clearly using each other for the warm touch. I love to spoon and act like a couple once in a while... the problem is when you do this a of the two will fall in love. keep that communication open.

  • Just enjoy it while it lasts.

    What's happening is that you've stumbled upon one of many other beautiful forms of human relationships that our culture and society have yet to learn to accept.

    • also if it makes any difference this is my first time doing anything with a guy. This is all very out of character for me, I tend to veer away from guys/relationships because of need to protect myself/ keep my guard up. but for some reason I let this one guy slip though and I don't feel any certain way about it.

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