How do I get him to text me first?

We arnt together but I think he likes me. He has done a bunch of things that insist that he does. The only problem is he won't text me first. I always have to initiate the conversation and he is really bad at texting too his answers are always late. He told me I'm the first person he has texted in 2 years which means he doesn't text a lot. But how do I get him to start the conversation


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  • Have you told him this, that's the only way? You can't manipulate someone into texting you.

    You know he doesn't like to text that isn't going to change by the way. You need to accept him as he is or move on.

    If he likes you then he will make it clear he likes you. I'd stop texting him and move on with my life. If he wants to be apart of that life he will make the effort.

  • you cant! Just try to make yourself more interesting idk