She has a boyfriend, but she freaks out whenever anyone brings up my dating life?

I'm not a braggart or player, but any time anyone brings up my dating life, she butts in with snotty little quips. She seems immature though. She even lied to her boyfriend that I hit on her. he went into "protector" mode, but honestly if he can't see through it, he's stupid. I told him that instead of getting mad at me, he should ask her why she's making up stories about me. Everyone else can tell she's jealous, but they tell me she's crazy and they don't want to get involved.

She's really obnoxious and rude though, even though she has a boyfriend and shouldn't be that emotional and reactive around me. My professor said she's a "special case" and I shouldn't talk to her at all. She always hangs out with her boyfriend, says how in love she is, so is she lying to him, or what? She clearly has mental issues. I don't like him much, but if she's lying to him, it's pretty f'ed up.

Why is she freaking out that much about me, if she has a boyfriend? And what should I do about it? 'cause I want to show him what she really acts like around me, and let him know I avoid her.


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  • Because she might have a thing for you and yes she's being extremely jealous. She hates to see you with someone else and yeah it tends to happen. Honestly she can be with someone else and still have some kind of feeling for you.


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