How do I get him to kiss me?

So we both think like each other and I could tell he wanted to kiss because he kinda hinted it out. But the thing is, I think he's too shy or afraid because he doesn't know how I'll react. Now I'm afraid to make the first move too because I'm also unsure how he will react! Is there anyway I could bring up a conversation with or that leads to the topic of kissing, when we're alone?! Or do it as a dare?! Please HELP! Also I'm only under 18..


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  • you don't need to be thinking about kissing nobody you need to be thinking about finishing school. I'm not helping you on that because I have little girls

    • School definitely is very important but when these things happen, it's hard to get it off your mind! I'm doing great in school, all A's, honor student. But I'm on vacation and no homework. What am I supose to think about?!?!

    • What your plans are for the next five years

    • Yeah okay..

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  • maybe you could just kiss him and see where thatgoes :)

    • i got kissed, when I got my first. I were too shy and she got tired off waiting :P