My boyfriend told me he loves me, but.

we've only been dating each other for one month. We've been great friends for over a year, so I could understand how feelings could build up over time, but why wouldn't he wait to say it a little bit longer? I could tell in previous weeks of us dating, that he wanted to say it, because I could see it in his eyes. But I guess I'm wondering why he said it so soon into our relationship? thanks!


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  • He obviously feels that way. Most people will hold off saying it even if they do feel in love cause of the reaction you have which is fairly common. If the other person isn't THAT into the relationship, it kind of puts a lot of pressure on the relationship and can cause someone to freak out a bit. I'm sure there's quite a few guys and girls that don't have that filter though and will just tell a person how they feel

  • As a guy speaking I'm not sure why he said the words so soon...what I can say is that he truly loves you as MOST guys are not the ones that will say it first !

    I know I fell in love with my girlfriend (engaged) very soon into our relationship and did not want to say the words first (becasue I'm male LOL). BUT one night it was the slip of the tongue and I said it not meaning to at the time (but I ment it). It was just the natrual and right thing to say Guess


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