Guys: would you date a girl who had a bad body odor problem, zits all over her face?

And with hair hanging in her face?

Well apparently,my ex husband is dating 'her' and I find it hilarious.

LOL! this is too funny!


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  • I think the fact that you care about this matter shows two things...

    a) you're not over your ex


    b) that you may only see her through tinted glasses. I mean how do you know if she has b&o do you smell her armpits on a regular basis? maybe he doesn't care about her acne. people have imperfections

    Would I date this girl you speak of? I'd have to meet her to say but from your bias description no probably not.

    • I didn't have to,dumb ass. Whenever I walk by her I get a strong wiff of her.

      and yes,I'm over him...just think its FUNNY. He must be desperate.

    • you're a polite person. don't know if my question required an answer and an insult

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