Should I?

Jorge and I broke up almost a month ago and now Douglas and I are together! When I'm with Douglas, h! He sometimes calls me by his ex-girlfriends names to mess around with me and when I went to the mall with him yesterday and we were holding hands, he would let go on purpose when a girl passed by! That really got me mad! Should I do the same to him or should I just confront him about it? He does kinda get annoying with it!

He dose these things playing around.


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  • sorry to say this love but this guy is a control freak and he's playing mind games with you. sorry but you should ditch this guy as soon as possible don't mean to damper your mood here but I am talking from personal experience also when you've finished with someone you should wait a few months before you start dating again so that your not just rebounding your heart needs time to heel love if even your the one that did the dumping.

  • break up with him for sure.

    he is a totally loser, you should date someone who wants to show you off to the world and doesn't disrespect you by calling you his ex girlfriends names, that's so insulting get rid of him now.

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