What makes someone dating material? Detailed answers encouraged!

Guys/Girls: What makes someone dating material?

And what are some things that really turn you off?


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  • I hope I am not too easy on guys :P Anyway, tbh, my eye catches the looks first. He doesn't have to look like Ashton Kutcher to impress me, just nice & clean. I've noticed it is a turn-off for me if a guy wears very skinny jeans and is very skinny himself. It feels like he's gonna break and I am tougher than him. I'd like to say that I don't look at the looks at all but they still matter, say, about 25%

    PS: I adore manly voices, down low.. if I could give example then the voice like Jensen Ackles :P


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  • dating material-mature, head on his shoulders, compassionate, smart, caring, respectful, wants similar things as I do in my future, compatible views. of course, there is chemistry/attraction too.

    turn off-stupid, uneducated, narcissistic, huge ego, lazy, no respect, sleazy, crass, treats me like an object, no care about my feelings.

    i've dated guys with traits on the turn off list so now I am repulsed by them.

  • someone that is kind, compassionate, and respects and enjoys me as I am.

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