Is this message alright? I might add a sentence or two.

Short story is I was really nervous on a date and afraid/not confident to be myself. It's been a week and she didn't reply to my last message, but I messaged her the same night after the date because I was close to home. I didn't ask for her number, but she told me If I want to get together to send her a message.

Hey Jamie, I want to see you again. It would be great if we could meet again.

I was thinking about when we met and I realized it was rude of me withholding myself and I can imagine how it must have felt. So I apologize to you. Lets meet again together. We'll have a face to face conversation. I'll let you see a different side of me.

I'll be relaxed and I'll talk with you.

I don't want to talk about my life. I just want to talk with you.

She responded today and wrote "Hey, if you want we could hang out sometime this week maybe?". What could this mean?


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  • You seem like a really honest guy, but I agree with the girl below, don't apologize to her, rather try to fix whatever you did wrong on the next date. Just tell her that you enjoyed meeting her, and would like to see her again, make it short and simple, because otherwise you will sound needy and it could freak her out. Even if a first date went wrong, you both don't know each other very well, so she will automatically give you the benefit of a doubt and give you another chance. Since guys should do the asking out again, I think you should be fine asking her on another date, esp that she said if you want to get together send her a message.

    • @update: means ball in your court if you want to hang out, just figure something to do and txt back.

  • Don't send this quite yet!

    It would be appropriate if you sounded like a cocky arrogant jerk, but since you say you were not acting confident on your date...this will just emphasize your insecurities to her, which is not attractive!

    Some things that need to be fixed:

    1) Your wording is a bit repetitive.

    2) This is all you-focused, but it should be focused on her. What would you think if a girl sent this to a friend of yours and your friend was asking you for advice on what to do?

    3) Why are you apologizing? Why are you trying to make it sound like your life is some kind of disaster? Why are you 'promising' that you'll be relaxed and be better behaved in a sense.Why do you need to say that. You don't owe her that, and frankly - she will not care.

    4) You're trying to convince this girl that you're playful and fun! This sounds wayyy too negative!

    Here's an example of what you might want to say instead:

    Hey Jamie!

    As requested, I just thought I'd shoot you a message to investigate your interest in meeting again...on a scale between one and 10 :)

    But before your answer, please allow me to attempt to influence your score a bit:

    I wanted you to know that the opportunity to go on another date with a girl as mesmerizing as yourself would make my WEEK. By implication, please realize the depth of my disappointment were I forced to realize that I must accept your rejection. [<-- Is that guilt trip subtle enough? ;)]

    I did feel rather bad that I didn't do a better job of entertaining you during our last meeting. Truthfully, I do not often have the pleasure of spending time with someone quite so attractive as you - and as a result, I felt a bit (completely!) lost about how to act around you.

    Despite that, I REALLY hope you'll give me another chance to get to know you better.

    So Jamie, what is your verdict? :)

    -Your name


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