Im very slow when it comes to this

Theres this girl I've gone out with twice, I know she considered them dates because a mutual friend said he asked her and that's what she called it. Our first date went great we just sat in my car at the beach(it was raining) and talked and had a good time, I was getting strong vibes she was feeling me, at one key romantic point her tone of voice got noticable softer and cute and when I suggested going home, she said she's having a good time and would rather stay for a little longer. Good first date.

The second was just as good as well but not as good as the first, but we ended the night getting milkshakes and just talking again, and again she wanted to prolong the night. I wear my glasses while driving only and hate them and she was trying to tell me theyre a good luck and unsuccessfully pleaded with me to wear them inside the diner lol.

The part I'm slow on is things like texting, where she could take 15 mins-1 hour usually to respond, but always asks questions back and tries to keep the convo going until I end it.. but that seems like long breaks because Ill admit I take like 20 min to respond to her on avg(busy/working usually) so I understand for the most part.. though she did text happy Thanksgiving to me first but I feel she did that for all her friends, idk.

Also we went to the same mutual friend that paired us up's party right after our first date, the whole night she was hanging around me, she smokes weed but didn't go out to smoke with the others because she "didnt wanna leave (me) there" lol I told her to go but she refused". Throughout the night wed hold each other around the hips standing, even(face) cheek to cheek, I sat next to her and wrapped my arms around her shoulder for about 20-30 secs until she leaned foward to hear what her friend had to say. And she wanted me to walk her home in the rain :P

Also as far as touching, she does initiate SOME contact, but normally I do the most of it, usually holding her lower back or around her waist. But she has NEVER jumped back or flinched from my touch, and I'm very touchy feely with her lol. I do remember sitting in the car the first date and she was trying to get a glow bracelet over my hand onto my wrist but it looked and felt like she was just trying to hold my hand :P

Anyways its really just her texting that's throwing me off because in person we seem great, do you all think were good or?.. The reason I'm asking is I've failed in the dating game 4 times in a row now.. takes a toll, thanks all!

Went went to the party after our second date* not the first


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  • Dont worry about the texting ... true conversation is person to person or at least on the phone! What you have is working ... keep doing it !

    LMFAO at failing 4 times ... You got your whole life ahead of you !

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