Help me make sense of this?

-Have been talking/dating for a month


-Went out on two non-dates and 2 official dates.

-Dates are awesome. Lots of fun, he compliments me, he pays for stuff, he laughs, we have shared interests, texts me at the end of the date with a winky face saying how much he liked spending time with me, super attentive, easy to talk to him, it's all great.

-Only hugged, no kisses because he gets super nervous at the end of all the dates.


-The last two weeks, I've been trying to make plans with him twice, and he says he can't because he's busy. I don't doubt he's busy, but I feel like if you like someone you try to make alternate plans.

-Doesn't seek me out, but if we bump into each other (we work together), he becomes super engaging and attentive.

-He forgot to wish me happy bday even though I told him it was my bday 2 days before it. He was out of town the day of my bday on a trip but would it kill him to send a text? This is after he seemed to make a mental note about it like oh I just found it's your bday this wk OK mental note do something about it.

My confusion:

It's weird. He hit on me so much in the beginning, then we went out on these awesome dates, and then for the last two weeks he was super busy and forgot my bday. If he was not interested, he could just say it. I just feel I'm getting such mixed signals. Like I can't see you but come here and tell me about your day and how are you and when is your birthday so I can then forget about it? wtf? HELP!


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  • He lost interest


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  • He has lost interest.. sorry dear!


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  • Sounds like he didn't enjoy the dates as much as you and wants to only be friends. You should move on.