Please help. Very confused with guy I'm texting.

Recently I stopped texting him because he was being short/weird. I figured maybe I was getting on his nerves since we text everyday.

I didn't text him for an entire week.. He didn't text me either.

Finally he texted me and said this is annoying and when I said wha is.. He replied not talking.

I don't understand the term "annoying" for that.

How is it exactly annoying him?

And what does this mean in our "relationship" wise?


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  • He means he misses talking to you, Saying it's 'annoying' isn't a very romantic way of saying he misses you, but it's the thought that counts, right? And he did come to you, rather than waiting for you to text him.

    He probably needed a break for a week or so.


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  • ask him more clearly.. guys generally don't use code language. he will tell you what he means

    • I did; he said "it's just annoying lol"

      He's so weird; I'm always estuastic when I text him.. And he always replies with "niiiiice, Mmmh, mmmk, ect."

      It's really annoying.

      It makes me think he doesn't wanna text me.. But then when I don't it bothers him?

    • Then tell him - 'I don't text you because you always give boring one word replies.. So I thought you don't want to chat' see what he replies..

    • The best way to deal with any guy is to face him head on.. never think 'why did he do this?' But ask him 'I didn't understand why you did this.. tell me'

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  • I think he means...that its obvious that each of you are waiting for the other to text first. I don't think you were getting on his nerves.

  • He miss talking with you! But if it's not that you should ask him what was the meaning .