Im almost perfect..but he still dumped me.

I did everything to make him happy. I spent a lot on our dates, did not report to work several times just to be with him, buy him presents, crack jokes and make him world revolves around him...still, he left me and he said its him, not me. I'm so devastated and I want him back but I don't want to do the first move...i want him to miss me and to feel what its like to live without me. are there any chances that he'll realize all these and come back to me? help me please!

Now every time I meet a guy, he comes around! I still love him but he's still not telling me whether he wants me back or not. He just simply comes around and tells me he's jealous.


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  • I get really upset when I read questions like yours. Do you know how many guys would die to have a girl care for him like this? There's nothing wrong with you giving him gifts; what's wrong is him not appreciating it and taking you for granted! Its obvious you love him; I just hope he comes back and realizes what a good thing he has in you. Good luck!


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  • sounds like you did too much, you should never have your whole life revolve around someone else. You are your own person, you should have your own life, your own hobbies so that a boyfriend just enhances your life, doesn't make your whole life.

    It also is that you from what I read, depended and wanted too much from him, too much time, attention. Men like a challenge, not everything handed too him on a plate.

    You did too much. Best thing you can do now is too get totally into your own life, get new hobbies, new friends, see old friends, join a club, go out, work hard, look after yourself, enjoy yourself - it really is the best medicine for a break up and something you should have been doing anyway.

    Also get a book "Why men like bitches" not how it sounds, but a good insight into relationships and dating.

  • He will soon realize that he made a BIG mistake and he will come back to you with sorry's and flowers.

  • First of all, you need to realize that everyone makes mistakes and isn't "almost perfect. " The way you say that suggests that you don't think you did anything wrong. I can say that speeding a lot of money on dates and presents isn't going to impress him. Why buy his affection? And another thing, guys don't always want your world to revolve around them. They want to have alone time and want to know that they can hang out with their friends and that you have your friends. It sounds like to me that by missing work and revolving your world around him it makes you look needy and dependent on him. From experience with dating and friends, it seems guys like to independent, successful, fun women, who don't need their guy by their side 24/7.

    Advice, you want him to miss you, don't contact him at all. Let him come to you

    • Thank you. I agree to that. Maybe I made him feel insecure (he's still a student and I'm a working woman). Maybe that made him pull himself away :-( its so depressing.