Why would you avoid eye contact with the girl you're dating?

He could be a bit shy, but not shy to initiate a kiss or a hug or any other type of intimate touching. Been dating for 3 months. Why would you avoid long periods of eye contact.


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  • Either the guy is very religious, or just plain weird! What explanation does he give for this?

    • could he be avoiding getting emotionally attached? or his interest to be that obvious ?

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    • lol well if they're spending the whole day here I'm sure it's their own loss at the end...!

    • Totally weird, this happens every day usually within minutes of myposting a question or an answer, so I know they're nearly ALWAYS here, and they don't ever answer..they just downvote...

      What a zombie like being this person must be! How about best answer, woulod make me feel better!

  • I understand he doesn't want some kinda staring contest, but to straight out avoid eye contact is weird

    • our first time kissing he didnot get his eyes off of me for the whole evening, I guess he really enjoyed it, it was really intimate and sincere. afterward, he just does not keep eye contact for long, it's not like I stare, but I noticed that he breaks eye contact first, could one reason be that he's afraid to get emotionally attached?one time he was inviting me somewhere , we were facing each other and he wasn't even looking in my eyes ( I thought may be he was afraid of messing up ...

    • That could be the reason, but you said you were dating for 3 months, you don't date for 3 months, then avoid getting attached. For me that doesn't sound like a valid reason, you should straight up ask him about it, maybe he is hiding something? I don't know, it would just be pure speculation, which is never a good thing.

    • yeah I guess I will do just that.

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