Why did my ex unblock me on whatsapp?

Me and the ex got together very quickly we had intense chemistry he seemed to have strong feelings from the start. We were so close talked every second we got an met up as much as we could. We'd joke around. He liked me from the moment he met and spoke to me. Things were going pretty fast with us. He said I love you early on many times after 3 weeks then I said it randomly after a month an a half but I got confused and we ended up breaking up it sort of happened in the heat of the moment. He got together with another girl and is still in the relationship. I did try to get him back at the start he'd ignore every text then I stopped. After a few weeks about 3-4weeks he texted me "Wanna hook up?" I text back the next day asking if he was drunk and he said he was and apologised an said still didn't answer the question. I text back why you wanna talk?; he ignored then a few days later I decided to pretend to have been drinking texted him the hook up message as a joke we got talking , an he made it clear he just wanted a casual and not a relationship. He blocked me on whatsapp. I texted apologising for the hook up message saying that I wasn't thinking straight. A week late I texted "I still think about you and wonder how you're doing?" he ignored . This was back in start of October. In November at the start he unblocked me and texted me "Are you awake?" at 2am I ignored as I saw it the next day he reblocked me. At the end of this month he texted me again just saying "Hi" but I haven't text him or responded to him in 2months. I ignored it again this time he hasn't blocked me. Why? an he's still with the girlfriend. Is he missing me?

Should I continue to ignore him?
is he seeing if I'll text him?


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  • He probably found someone?