Girl from restaurant is interested in me but I'm not interested in dating her

usually its the other way around and I have a thing for girl and she's not interested or has a boyfriend . this one is kind of odd , I meet her at the local take out pizza place where she works and her parents own . she doesn't appear to have any other career options . I also noticed she had a profile on plenty of fish and was single but I never contacted her on that site .

I don't feel I've lead her on or given her any reason to assume I was interested in anything more than getting a slice of pizza for lunch . but I can just tell she is interested or has an issue with me or something as she acts weird when I'm there . her parents were also asking where I worked which I though was odd but I started new job near there so that's why I've been going to lunch there .

but anyways she isn't my type at all , not interested and not attracted to her , just not my type . so not sure how to go about this or how to deal with her as I'm not interested in dating her


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  • Eat your lunch somewhere else.

    • well yeah I don't go there everyday , is some other options but when I just want a pizza slice its most convenient and cheapest option and pizza is ok

    • Thanks for most helpful (=

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  • bring a date to that pizza place to make it obvious or talk about your girlfriends birthday coming up and ask the daughter what gifts would be most appropriate


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