Should I go back to my ex? A little complicated

We dated in high school for two years but we have been broken up for 3 years now. I was the one who broke up with him for no real reason. We have stayed friends and hung out and we have hooked up two times since the break up. Now we are both in college and I am in love with him. I have dated other guys in between but I cannot get my mind off of him. We are very far away from each other in college but do y'all think I should tell him when I go back home for winter break? Guys please give your opinions. Thank you


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  • Well if you guys are friends now, then tell him. It would be a great way of catching up. And talk to him about your feelings. You're probably afraid to, but honesty is the policy. You might get good news back, you might not. You can't tell the future, but that's the beauty of the world we know. And if he feels the same way as you, and if you both are ready for another relationship, then I say do it.