So I like this girl, and I want to get to know her more... Any fun first date ideas?

So I met her two weeks ago, and she seems like the woman that I am interested in. Her personality wise: fun, playful, caring, passionate, that kinda stuff. I want her to know that I care for her, so I asked her to dinner on sat.. Am I being too forward, and how do I let her know that I care for her?


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  • No you are not being forward at all you are showing interest and she will and does appreciate that coming from a man. It makes you a real man like you have the guts to do it and you go after what you like. A first date to be dinner sounds okay but if she is playful and fun I do suggest mini golf.

    I know that mini golf sounds like a childish teenage date to take your girl to but you could show her you habe a good time with her durring fun and playful moments. Its like you both beimg carefree slightly teasing each other to an extend that is interesting. But ill have to warn you thst you should keep the date exciting and say fun stuff such as "you might as well quit now because I'm gonna win this game".

    • I totally agree with you, mini golf was the first thing on my list. But her exam ends at 10:30 :( so I had to get rid of that one...

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  • No, you're not being too forward. A girl likes it when a guy makes the first move. Well I do anyways. If you want her to know that you care for her, buy her some flowers, but nothing to pricey or fancy. Be a gentlemen! Open the car door, door, and pull out the chair for her! But don't do a first kiss on the first date. Unless she leans in first bro! Always smile to her. Be nice. Get to know her a little better.

    • Okay, I will keep you updated.. Another thing I should've probobly added: should I dress up or should I not?

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    • Fair, so I should do like a dress shirt jeans combo. (with out the pumped up kicks of course) :)

    • Lol exactly! Good luck on your date!

  • Go-Kart riding!


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