Does this guy like me or not? Slightly long, but I'm a damsel in distress? Please help girls and guys!

Basically I met this guy (Ross) that I like about a month ago now.

When I met Ross weeks ago it was like we kinda hit it off. We ended up innocently falling asleep cuddling on a couch and I noticed all the tell-tale signs of him staring at me when I wasn't looking etc. He was curious about me.

When I arrived at home, I noticed I had a friend request on Facebook from Ross. At the time I was too exhausted to accept and went to sleep. Later on that night when I went to accept, he'd deleted it. He lives with an old flame who I later found out had been trying to put him off of me. Despite this, I sent back a request to him and he accepted. We talked a little, but I cut the conversation short because I felt weird.

I met him 2 weeks ago again at my local bar. I saw him looking over at me a few times when I was standing with my friend and I eventually approached him. He was pretty drunk to be fair. He sat me down and started talking a little. His friend that was nearby kept saying 'kiss her kiss her!' but we just ignored him. His friends moved to another bar and left us alone.

The weird thing was that he kept on disappearing in the crowd but I still caught him looking at me wherever he was. One of his other friends soon came up and said to me 'Ross is shy, I know he likes you, but he feels awkward because of the 'old flame' and he lives with him afterall' Ross saw me talking to his friend and put his arm around my shoulder and took me outside.

He told me he felt awkward because of the 'old flame' especially because they live together so I told him I respected that and didn't want to come between them. I did tell him to be honest that if he didn't care for me in that way, it was OK to admit it he hugged me at that point.

Even although we talked about these issues we STILL ended up together. We went to Ross' friends house. Straight away he was inviting me to cuddle him on the couch and resting his head on me. When his friend went to bed he had me lying beside him with his arms wrapped tightly around me. We talked a little in between lip kissing and cuddles. I think we must have snuggled and kissed for hours straight and I'm not joking when I say he didn't let me go. He told me I was 'so cute' and even gave my shoulders a mini massage.

I let him grope my butt at one point and run his hands over my body, but he didn't try anything more and he apologised profusely any time he thought he'd crossed the boundaries. I felt like there was something potentially good between us. I did tell him again though that I'd remembered what we talked about.

However on Saturday of THIS weekend I had a little bit of a disaster. Somebody stole my bag after another night out locally. I was crying my heart out and noticed Ross looking over at me at one point. He was staring at me with a kind of sympathetic look on his face, but he never approached me to see what was wrong.

I'm so confused. Does this guy like me or not? And why would he stand there and not approach me when I'm crying?


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  • I think he likes you, and a lot. He's just probably confused about all the old flame and so on, but definetely likes you. He saw you crying and didn't do anything because he thought your friends where there to help you, and most people just don't know what to do in a situation like that. He was probably wondering what the hell happened to you and really worried, but didn't have the gut to check on you. Were you with someone while you were crying? Is there the slightest chance he thought you were crying for him or some other guy?

    • I was with his best friend Ryan (who he lives with). Before I got attacked I was actually trying to find him. But he saw me standing beside his Ryan crying my eyes out looking around helplessly, stared for a bit, then walked on while looking back at me a bit. I felt even worse that he didn't try to hug me or anything.

    • Maybe he felt useless or overwhelmed... If you know Ryan well you can ask him some information about what passed through his (Ross') mind,and let him know that he didn't act well...

    • Thank you, maybe that's just what I'll do :) x

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  • I'm not sure. I'm a little confused myself. If it were me, I would have walked over and see what was wrong. Sure I'd feel helpless if I saw a woman crying and couldn't do anything to fix it. But at least I would be there for her.

    • Yeah, it's the fact he wasn't even there for me that worries me most! Fair enough, I know he's shy and all...but still.

  • I think he was probably at a loss at what to do at that moment. For some people, when they see other cry like that, they will feel sort of hopeless in that situation, or maybe he just didn't want to deal with the situation because he probably thought it would add stress to his night out. Either way, I would confront him over it, don't be harsh, but just ask him why he didn't come to your aid. A relationship needs communication in order to stay healthy.


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