When do you know a guy/girl has relationship potential? Don't know how I feel and if possible feelings can grow.

Weird question, I know. But I met this guy a month ago and we talked online a lot, we texted every day and last weekend we went on a day trip. We had fun, I laughed and enjoyed his company. Though I did notice the butterflies I had before the date (as in: feeling giddy when he texted me, annoyed when he didn't, all that) aren't there anymore after the date. I do like it when he texts me, and when he talks to me, and I look forward seeing him again. I would be a bit jealous when he would flirt with another girl, but still... I'm not sure about my feelings. It would be nice to know if my feelings were normal, and the start of something nice, but I don't know. Our conversations online are more fun than in person as well, so maybe it could be because he was a bit nervous or something? He talks more online than when I saw him in person...


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  • I'd chalk it up to nerves. Since you like him, I'd go on a 2nd date at least.

    • Thanks, that's what we're gonna do. I'm seeing him this weekend with a group of friends so maybe he'll be more relaxed then. I was a bit "worried" since quite some people say that when you don't feel anything on the first date, it won't happen...

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    • Stop worrying about things that haven't happened. If you go on another date and there isn't any spark, you tell him as such. Being honest doesn't hurt people as much as lying.

    • Hm, true.. thanks

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