Guys, what do you think I should do?

So I dated this guy for a month and he seemed so interested and wrote me day and night, and things were great. But as a smart woman I told myself , hey you need to check your emotions because you never know if he is dating other girls. I came to this thinking because I noticed that the guy became friends with this new chick on Facebook, not thinking he was dating her but it just reminded me that I need to be careful.

I than asked him if he was dating other girls, and he said no he wasnt, and that was the last week that we dated cause he told me our age diff was a big problem all of the suddent and well the story is long. But we still remained friends and in touch, we do some talking and snapping, but the girl he friended is the one he is dating now, ( we met on online dating) and that girl is also on that site.

Well obviously this is shady as fuck but I mean he can date whoever he wants I know but its still shady that he lied to me. . he does snap me everyday so my plan is just to leave him alone and not reply to his snaps..

and we talked this weekend and he said he was sorry that he has been "away" and not talking to me lately , its because he is busy with work RIGHT!


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  • You're right, this guys does sound like a shady individual. He lied to you, because he probably wanted to keep you as "plan b" in case it didn't work out with the other girl.

    You can either confront him about it or block him out of your life. I personally wouldn't want to have anything to do with someone, who lies right off the bat. Doesn't sound like a genuine person to me and wouldn't make for a very good friend either.

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