Why did he apologize three times for not showing up?

This guy and I met back in the summer...we went out twice as friends, and he has liked me ever since...Now that I'm single I reached out to him and we went on our first date last week...we both had a good time and there's a mutual attraction, and he was asking me when he can be seeing me, and if its OK to go away together overnight in the future...he was even telling his buddy on the phone that he's with a hot sexy lady (me).

He wanted to see me again yesterday just 2 days after our 1st date but then I told him weekend is best, and then I said OK to him to come over but then he couldn't make it so we re-scheduled for this coming weekend...he also appologized 3 times to me...

why did he apologize so much to me? does he appear to want me as his gf? he aske dme if I wanna date him...

he wrote: "im sorry baby...and cutie"


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  • He felt bad

    • is it because he cares abut me?

    • Yes. If he didn't care then he wouldn't have apologized repeatedly . He felt guilty