How to get over someone you were never with?

What is the most effective way to get over someone you never dated? In my case, my long time crush had confessed to me that I was his crush as well, we talked online, had planned to meet in person but it never happened. That was four years ago. How do I move on? I often think there is a possibility that we may meet or date since we live in the same neighborhood but realistically speaking I know he has moved on with his life and may not like me the way he did in past. I am desperately trying to move on, please help!


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  • i have been in your shoes, still am so I may not be the best person to answer this question. I can't get over the what-ifs, he's not on my mind all the time but sometimes I think about him. It's gotten better now that I think that what I like is what we could have had but we didn't. It's all in the past and he has moved on.

    You should move on too, I know it sounds hard, especially if you've been thinking of him for 4 years. Meet new people, get a hobby, focus on something (and someone) else

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