Should I be worried about my mom's boyfriend?

My mom started dating this guy about a year and a half after my dad passed away. She says she knew him years ago. She is 50 and from what my grandma said she didn't date a lot. She's Not ugly or anything she just met my dad young and they where together every since. Back to her b-friend He seemed OK at first, But then they started to get into these arguments because he always thinks she is cheating on him. he would go from 0-60 in a second flat. My mom really hasn't done anything like that.He is jelous over a ex b-friend of mine that still comes around, my gay bff and I can't even talk about my guys/dates with her like some ladies do. She stays the night with him all the time, but when she is there I worry about her safely. He has came over to our home in the middle of the night ( I was watching TV, my mom was sleeping along with my son and younger brother and he busted into our house looking for a guy in the house. There was not guy. He was suppose to be on Vaca. He also will yell and scream at her and call her names and calls her selfish. And she is so far from that. He's OK sometimes but I even have to watch was I say because he gets mad her about it. He drive passed her job to make sure that she is there. I can't even talk to her alone anymore. She was also very outspoken and wouldn't take crap from nobody, not even my dad, why is she allowing this to go on with this man?Am I over worried? or do I have a reason to be?


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  • Yes, this is going to get physically abusive. Seek a professional counselor.


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