Is everything my fault?

So I was dating this guy and we dated for 10 months well I moved out of my dad's house so I could date him well I moved to his school and he was hitting me constantly and one day I asked him to stop because I didn't like it and it made me mad so the next day at school he elbowed me in the jaw so I finally turned around and punched him back well we worked everything out but 3 weeks later he broke up with me and he said it was because of that well after that I found out he was talking to someone else and he was cheating on me with her and I got so mad that I slapped him and threw tea on him should I feel bad and apologize?


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  • NO you should dump him and stay away from him .. any man who loves you would NEVER hit you . he don't respect you what so ever . don't you dare feel sorry or bad for anything you did. the only wrong you did was moving out of your dads to be with this immature boy who don't love you . I'm sure you are having sex with this guy and you feel like you love him but you don't ! LOVE yourself enough to not be with someone who hits you .. he will not stop ..HE CHEATS HE LIES AND HE BEATS YOU what kind of relationship is that? You need to stay away from him and go back to your dads even if you can .. don't be around this guy you are wasteing your time

    • he might have started out nice and sweet but he is not that way now and he is not going to be .. forget trying to make things like they was . he is not right for you

    • You're extremely right and what you said made me feel 10 million times better

    • well I hope you move on and find someone better who would never treat you like that. you don't deserve that.. no women does. I promise you well be much happier without this guy then you are with him . It might not seem like it at first and at times you might think you want him back but don't do it just move on and don't look back you will thank yourself later I promise !

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  • Why do girls always feel bad when a guy is an a**hole?

    Like really do you girls not have brains capable of processing the fact that if a guy is a fucktard and an a**hole its not your fault?

    • He wasn't always like that he use to be extremely sweet and he was like my best friend at one point

    • and he's not anymore he's an a**hole... so move on!

      And to be honest he's a guy he was only really sweet and was your bestfriend because he wanted to get into your pants once he did he stopped caring and became who he really was an a**hole.

    • Yeah you're right

  • Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.


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