How long do you wait to tell the person you are dating your "big secrete"?

If you are divorced how long do you wait

Till you tell the person you are dating that

You were married ?

I have been talking to this guy (who happen to be divorced himself)

For 3 weeks now, it takes a lot for me to open

Up to someone and telling them my past with my ex

Husband! Seems like this new guy is amazing so far

He has been honest with me from day 1..

But I haven't told him that I have been married myself

I feel horrible I don't know how he would take it

Am so scared and second guessing telling him...

Should I do it in person or how ? I have to tell him

I can't believe I hid it for almost a month now :(


Most Helpful Guy

  • The longer you hide it, the harder it will be for him to accept that you didn't tell hyim when he told YOU.

    I'm curious why you'd hesitate to tell another divorced person. I can understand if he hadn't been divorced since some people still assume there would be something wrong with you.

    Tell him in person and tell him why...right away!


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What Guys Said 2

  • You don't have to wait at all.That's something you can mention on day 1.

    It's easy,like "I was married once,but I found a cure for it".Don't give him all the gruesome details that caused that marriage to end.

    Just tell him it's something that you don't advertise,but it's something he should be aware of now that you know him a little better.

  • Just be open and honest with him when you are comfortable enough...let him know that it was not kept form him that you too were divorced on perpose. Let him know that you just needed to ensure your comfort level with him.

    He will understand if he repsects you ... don't let this worry you any !


What Girls Said 2

  • be open with him! tell him next time you see him, and tell him that you didn't wanna tell him when you first met him.

    once your open with him about your past, you can build trust with him, and if he is a decent guy he will appreciate your honesty and not judge you for it

  • It's not something you should be ashamed for. Even from day one it was okay. He told you about his past marriage. Waiting will only make it harder.