What is your worst date ever experience?

What is your worst date ever? Mine personally was from some guitarist I met and danced with on one of those nights I had too much to drink on an outing. He was really cute and took down my number and invited me to dinner a couple nights later. As he was picking me up, he got lost so I had to walk down the street and flag him down as I was on the phone giving directions. He finally spotted me and took me to some sports bar place (sooo not into sports). I felt entirely over dressed for the place and the waitress was a bit too close to us for comfort. I ordered and we talked casually, and then I saw an old guy friend that happened to be there and said hello with a hug. My date immediately got jealous and started teasing me about ditching him on the date for this other just a friend, total turn off. As my yearning for the night to be over went on, we stopped at a gas station to get some beers. A homeless man asked my date for some change to which he retorted nastily lacking any compassion. On the way back to my place, he accidentally hit a dog that was crossing the road with his truck. I was officially mortified and tried so hard to keep myself from crying the duration of the way back. He called on his way back to let me know he went back to the spot and didn't see a dog body or anything so assumed it was OK that maybe he barely missed it, but it was still the worst date of my life.


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  • My lab partner asked me out and I said I could only go if we went somewhere free because I had just paid my school deposit for next semester. He insisted we go to this nice bistro and said he'd pay for it.

    On the way there he bragged about how his dad had given him $10 000 the day before because his brother got into some legal trouble and he whine so much his dad gave him the same amount of money he spent on his brother's legal woes.

    While we were walking he stopped to look at me and said "you'd be so hot if you'd stop wearing that sparkly shit on your face". At one point I also mentioned I run and he said "I find that hard to believe because I'd expect you to be a lot thinner".

    When we got to the restaurant we got put at this little table and I suggested moving to a booth that would be a bit nicer. He said we could compromise and move to a half booth table then took the booth part of it.

    When we ordered he insisted I have a cider and ordered it for me after I said no. Halfway through dinner he said I was drinking it slowly and asked if he could have the rest because he finished his beer.

    When the bill came despite saying he'd pay for it he told me to chip in. All I had was a $20. He complained that mine costed more than his (with the cider he insisted I have) and he had to pay more.

    On the bus on the way home some guy mentioned I was hot and he freaked out and wanted to get off the bus and walk 45 minutes home. I said no because it was the middle of winter and he pouted.

    Afterwards he asked me to go home with him and I said no and he said he was disappointed because he expected us to go further sexually since he paid for more of my dinner.

    • Control issues. I can't believe he expected you to pay for anything when you didn't want to order that in the first place. Better luck to you!

    • That's the worst date I've ever heard of. Sorry girl! Wow, I thought guys like that only existed in the movies. I would've left right after the running comment lol

  • The worst date I've ever had is with this maniac which I've only found out on our 3rd date. The 1st and 2nd were cool he was nice and all we did was talk. On the 3rd we went to a karaoke place where it's just the 2 of us are in the room. Before we start singing he said he's nervous and we should make out so that he can get rid of that nervousness. I told him No, so after a few minutes I moved closer to me than grab me closer to him. Touched my hips, grab me by my waist. I kept on pushing him away but after a couple of minutes he's doing it again. He said that's his way of flirting with me and I was getting uncomfortable. So we stopped singing and I got hungry so I told him if he wants to eat. After we ate and about to separate he lifted me and slowly brought me down, rubbing me against him aaand he did it again. At those times I was like put me dooown. He put me down and asking for a kiss and I couldn't even look up and I said no.

    • Respect the personal space! That's awkward.

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    • The cute ones seem to be more dangerous. Just because they're good looking doesn't mean they should expect you to do whatever they want!

    • True! I didn't expect it from him because he wasn't like that on our previous dates. He paid for everything. He might think that all girls will do what he likes, oh well I'm the exception lol.

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