Don't know I'm such a punk

Ok so I was dating this chick that I knew wanted to get it. Yet I told her I'm waiting till I get married. I could have pushed it even though there were times I did and drew back. Other times I didn't act on it. Most of the girls I have dated were the same thing in terms of situation that I went through. I get ranked on by my friends because of it, this just recently happened, where I dated the girl for a while now she isn't taking to me because o me not pursuing the coochy. I feel bad now because I could have gotten it and didn't and more she probably telling her friends I'm gay and a punk. Then my friends are saying the samething, along with my wasted time and effort.

I am having second thoughts about my whole decision to wait.


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  • You do you dude. If you want to wait til marriage more power to you. Don't let other people give you shit for it, and if they really resort to calling you gay for not trying to fuck her and being what many would consider respectful than that's their loss.