Would you date a 27 year old guy whos longest relationship was under one year?

It says it on my POF profile.

I didn't explain why.

The truth is I was always shy and still dealing with issues from my childhood.

What would you think if you saw that on my POF profile?


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  • i would think you were a player or couldn't keep a relationship going/got bored and left relationships easily

    • do you this I should put I never had a relationship? lol. do you think I should say anything... "im shy" or I'm too shy to approach, people are too shy to approach me. ?

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    • link I changed my profile to reflect myself more. I havnt put a title yet. maybe friend me so we can talk sometimes? I don't want to put links to pages or other pages public. I still remember what you wrote to me before.

    • sure :) I changed my settings so people can friend me again

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  • Only judgmental girls would have a problem with it. I'm 28 turning 29 soon and haven't had a year long relationship either but I still get dates from time to time.

  • If the situation were that you were a girl, then I'd be more than happy to. I wouldn't automatically jump to the conclusion that you've been with a lot of people, but only one longer relationship.

    I mean, I'm 22 and have only had one girlfriend, one 1/2 year, never dated anyone else or anything. I see nothing wrong with that at face value.

  • Well at least you've had a girlfriend period and I assume you have gotten laid with more than one girl