Ex keeps contacting me why? is he missing me?

My ex broke with me 2 -3months ago we were together a month and a half. We had a very strong and intense chemistry and connection. We got together very quickly he liked me from the moment he met me. He was intense from the start said I love you after about 3 weeks and said it a lot. ) we were still so close and got on well always texted each other . We met up all the time loved spending time together.During the last week I did start to initiate messages more and if he didn't reply I'd send another text. I randomly decided to text him I l love you. After said stuff to me like he wasn't sure what he wants , I deserved someone better , an how he didn't want a relationship til he met me etc. I tried texting an rang one he ignored me. He jumped straight into a new relationship after dumping me. I stopped contacting him for around 3 weeks then he text me "Wanna hook up" I replied stupidly the next day in a joking an seemed to respond positively just said sorry he was drunk. During that week I decided to text him to see what he'd say he was up for it just to see as a joke but in the end decided to block me on whatsapp. I sent a text him apologising for the hook up message. I sent "I still think of you and wonder how you're doing" no reply . About the end of October/November. I moved on the beginning of November at 2am he texted me "Are you awake?" he works the night shift at a hotel we used to talk all through the night. I ignored the message so he blocked me again. Last week the end of November last week he unblocked me and texted me "Hi" leaving it unblocked unblocked. He used to have a picture of him and his girlfriend as the profile icon but when you clicked into it a picture of him would just come up. Last night he removed the photo of him and his girlfriend on whatsapp then texted me "Hi" again around 3am but I'd been online around that time an he must've been checking on me. He blocked me after I ignored again. Why does my ex still try to text me when he has a girlfriend?I keep thinking he must be happy or seems happy. I've been ignoring his messages for the past 2months that was his 4th attempt.

Is he thinking I'm moving on now?
Does he have any feelings for me still?
Should I keep ignoring him?


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  • I think he one of those guys who might in between the nice guy and the player.

    he might just be stuck debating between going back with and just trying to hook-up but feeling hesitant and guilty. I've known both guys and girls that do that whole I love you thing from the get go. Either they get attached to quickly or they do the I love you game (a low level player method)

    however, in my experience never seen the quickly attached type do the dumping so...

    I am going to say he is immature, indecisive, and trying to be something he is not.

    definitely the type to ignore. afterall why did he dump you in the first place then immediately start going out with some one else?

    • The break up kind of happened in the heat of the moment he wasn't saying to much for the while after the thing about him saying he doesn't know what he wants, he wasn't looking for a relationship til he met me thing . He hadn't said much so I texted him about 3 times in a row to try an get him to reply back he did eventually.

      I don't know it just seems so weird he's still with the girl but still tries to text me. Is he thinking about whether he made the right choice? I think he had the

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    • I ended up sending "merry Christmas" he didn't reply didn't bother me at all as it was just a friendly gesture nothing more. Don't know if he actually got the message may have blocked my number completely. Don't know why he didn't reply not bothered possibly ignoring me for ignoring him. Still happy don't regret sending the message as it meant nothing.

    • I'm wondering if he's ignoring me for ignoring him .

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