Is it bad I haven't even gotten kissed yet?

Alright, I'm 19, I've never had a boyfriend, and I've never been kissed. I feel self conscious about it because I have this really strong feeling that it's never going to happen, or not happen until I'm much much much much much much older. Also, everyone tells me I should have a boyfriend, but I feel that if I do get into a relationship that it won't work because I'm so used to being by myself and I could not function with another person's plans in my life. Though, I want to try one relationship before I just give up for forever. So, this is towards guys, is it bad that a girl my age or possibly older hasn't been kissed yet or not have any experience at all? Because I tried dating at all the guys I dated said that "I should be with someone at my own level" but it seems that there's no one at my level.


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  • You definitely shouldn't be thinking about throwing in the towel. When you meet a guy who's into you, it won't matter what "level" he's at.

    For now, just do the things you love and be open to meeting new people.


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  • No, way. It is not the end of the world if you have not been in a relationship yet or ever been kissed. Join the club.


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