Exbf called to piss me off or really to check me out?

My ex boyfriend and I started dating for 7months to see things.he was my exbf from 4yrs ago.he came back to work things out..so yeah we dated 7months.but ended things because he got mad at me when I asked him about what he owes me.he always blame me for everything even if I did all my best to please him.He got so offended I didn't get why instead of maning up he nagged me and ended things.for 1st wk that we don't talk he says he misses me.i replied but sitllwhe keep talking about what we argued about.

.from time to time I tried to make myself OK though was so harrddd for me because I'm deeply in love with him don't know why!he likes my photos on my socialsites.txts me how I am says he misses me. I started to go out when I'm not in school.i hangout with friends and new friends..guess he saw in fb the tagged photos so he then started calling me txtng me though I'm not answering Because my friends told me to forget him he is a ****.then one time last night I replied to him for having no contact for 3wks.we were OK talking txtng first then he said he misses me but I ignored I changed topic then he said he misses huggingkissing me stuff like thst and he still calls me honey.so it confuses me!Then he said for sure we will never be together.then I got irritated I said don't know why you can't forget what we argued about you're the one who started it.you are unfair.then I also said wth would you call me and txt me saying you miss me and other sweetstuff if you gona say that we won't be ok

.he even told me he started dating girlsss but still he rremembers me and its hard for me.when I said those things thst he shouldn't contact me anymore if he is gona just gona make me feel bad and say he is happy blahx2 then he got mad he said I just wanted to check you OK bye.then he fxkng hangedup.Its so hard to accept because we didn't cheat or any common problem of girlfriend bfs had for breakup.im so mad.i keep crying everyday.dunno if he was really just wana be nice, know I'm OK or he just wana make me feel bad.

Why does he do this? Is he crazy?


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  • Whether he is intentionally trying to make you crazy or he doesn't try to do it but can't help it, in the end it's the same effect on you. There really is no reason to believe that this will ever change. Things may start off well but they will get hurtful real fast. It doesn't seem like there is anything stable to salvage here. Any good intentions either of you might have will end in hurt soon enough. I think you need to put him out of your life and not respond back to him any more.


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